The InfoCling™ Card allows all the information a customer needs to be retained on the card. It can be affixed to any surface and is repositionable. Customers can use the card to hang the “Take and Go” map or an attached coupon. The card may also include a QR Code that can be scanned for door-to-door directions, contact information or lead to a URL.

Unlike many magnet mailers, the InfoCling™ will stick to absolutely any surface. On your refrigerator, on the wall, on an office desk or even a laptop. This piece is almost too convenient and ensures your information can easily be retained for future use.

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The QR code can be programmed right onto the InfoCling™ allowing your customers to scan the code and add a specific date to their calendar, add your business contact information into their contact list or even pull up a map routing to your location. In addition, the InfoCling™ can be created in any unique shape– the possibilities for this product are essentially endless.

“Take and Go” Map/Coupon is a high resolution map that utilizes dynamic routing technology to highlight the most direct route from a customer’s home to your retail business. The “Take and Go” Map/Coupon is detachable and placed anywhere with the InfoCling™ Card.

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