DG eBrochure

Our digital ℯbrochure is a visually striking way to allow your audience to view your videos via a customized handheld brochure or tablet, structured around your company or product.This innovative form of media can range from showcasing a new product, providing important information in an easily understandable way or even creating a video yearbook. The possibilities are essentially infinite.

This digital brochure is completely customizable; from the number of buttons you require to the style of the brochure itself, the product will be centered around the unique needs of your company.

With innovation and differentiation in mind, the ℯBrochure is the perfect way to capture your audiences attention.

  • LCD Screens: 2.8″, 4.3″, 7.0″
  • Memory: 256MB-2G (15-60 minutes of video playback)
  • Life: 2-3 hours continuous playback, 6-12 months standby
  • USB Port: USB access for recharging and uploading/modifying content
  • Battery: Internal Li-ion battery. Rechargeable. 15-30 minutes to recharge. 


informational video brochure

video brochure

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