In todays world, most people consider pets as a part of their family and will do anything to keep them healthy and happy. We understand the importance of pets to their owners and finding the right care for their animals can be a crucial decision.

With our Pets2You products, we make it easy for pet owners to find your location. Whether you are a veterinary clinic, grooming service or boarding/daycare, we can assist pet owners in easily finding your business. 

“One in four American smart phone users surveyed reported scanning QR codes.”

“U.S. smart phone users engage in location-based services/GPS (48%) and retail shopping apps (53%).”

  • The InfoCling™ Card allows all the information a customer needs to be retained simply on the card. It can be affixed to any surface and is repositionable. Customers can use the card to hang the “Take and Go” map, an attached coupon or the QR Code that can be scanned for door-to-door directions. 
  • “Take and Go” Map/Coupon is a high resolution map that utilizes dynamic routing technology to highlight the most direct route favicon-2from a customers home to your retail business. The “Take and Go” Map/Coupon is detachable and placed anywhere with the InfoCling™ Card.

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