‣Patients2You™ ensures that new patients will find your urgent care center when they need your services — today, next week or even next year. We use customized mapping techniques and personalized QR codes to enable your audience to find your location directly. Using this product also helps your customers keep the information in an easy and accessible way. Watch the video below to discover how this solution could fit your needs.

  • The InfoCling™ Card allows all the information a customer needs to be retained directly on the card. It can be affixed to any surface and is repositionable. Customers can use the card to hang the “Take and Go” map or an attached coupon. This card may also include a QR code that can be kept and scanned for door-to-door directions, contact information or a URL.
  • “Take and Go” Map is a high resolution map that utilizes dynamic routing technology to highlight the most direct route favicon-2from a customers home to your location. The “Take and Go” Map is detachable and placed anywhere with the InfoCling™ Card.  See map options here.

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